Eureka Essence Studio易 易 工 作 室

Studio Location:工作室位于:

Daqi Street,Beilun District, Ninbgo City, Zhejiang Province, China

中国 浙江省 宁波市 北仑区 大碶街道

A Legal Compliance Decentralized Autonomous Studio with Happiness, Freedom and Honesty, Provides Cross-border Services with Open Source Technologies. 一个快乐自由诚信合规去中心化自治工作室,以开源技术提供跨界服务

This awkward sentence gives a complete vison of eureka essence studioe. Below have a detailed explanation of each word in this sentence. 上面这句拗口的话较为完整的展示了易易工作室的愿景,下文有对这句话里各单词的详细解释。
  • Intrerest First 做你所爱
  • Honest Naive 抱诚守真
  • Legal Compliance 合规守矩
  • Touch Future 触碰未来

Vision愿 景

Happiness快 乐

With reference to the description of happiness in the "A Brief History of Humankind" by Yuval Noah Harari, and the relationship with money and health, I will not repeat them here. Happiness is the studio's vision, profit is not the main purpose. We will aim at making money's aim. For example, if we make money to go out for tourism, then we will use tourism as our purpose; if we make money for dinner, we will use dinner as our purpose. Since happiness depends on whether the subjective expectations are consistent with the objective conditions, we will strive to create conditions for objective compliance with subjectivity, including reducing subjective expectations and improving objective conditions.


Freedom自 由

If we say that the environment limits our freedom, then we can maintain the freedom of the soul. The soul will belong to us and will not be bound by national boundaries and employers. We are pursuing such an environment: When you want to do something, we strive to transform the environment so that you can do what you want to do.


Honesty诚 信

"Doing good things will have good results. Doing bad things will have bad results". Violence and deception can be of short-term interest, but we believe that the benefits obtained from honesty will be even longer. Honesty will be the basis for the survival of the studio. In order to be honest, we would rather lose a momentary profit. At the same time, we will use open source software (such as blockchain) to ensure that our integrity can be further protected.


Decentralization去 中 心 化

The countries, enterprises, and studios are all centralized, and centralization is inevitable. The emergence of the Internet should have been decentralized, but the result has been the formation of a large number of centralized silos, even separated by great walls. The emergence of the blockchain has brought about the decentralization of digital currency, and at the same time it has made more decentralization possible. Everything from decentralized social, decentralized currency, decentralized storage, and decentralization will all be realized, It is our vision to pursue.


Autonomous自 治

In blockchain and decentralized environments, code (smart contracts) is the rule (law), and it is our long-term goal to hope that our studio can operate without people. In the early days, we will still use some methods to keep people in good hands, and then work hard to eliminate human factors and use codes as much as possible.


Open source开 源

Regarding the understanding of the world, whether it is obtained from others or created by oneself, everyone has their own values and world viewk. My values are summarized as one sentence: “Value is the process in which things satisfy individual survival. The intrinsic nature embodied in the demand." A word of mouthful, for details, see my explanation in and This sentence includes my understanding of the world.


Technology技 术

Technology promotes progress, mastering skills are the basis for the survival of the studio. Technology has no borders, no matter how old or young. Although the studio is based on software technology, it does not rule out the participation of any other technology, including marketing, organization, finance, etc. In addition, we welcome art. Members of the studio should own or master one's own skill (art) and work hard for it.


Cross-border跨 界

Cross-border, it also means that there is no border, we let technology into life, but also make life into technology. Although the studio is based on software service, it does not exclude hardware and other services. As long as it is in line with our vision, we can all participate in it, especially in terms of health, education related projects.


Service服 务

We improve internal services by improving ourselves, but only by providing external services can we obtain nutrition to survive. Our service targets can include all aspects, with our skill expertise, to provide services to our environment, and to serve other organizations.


Project Show 项 目 展 示

Waste Classification Knowledge Practice (Competition) System垃圾分类知识练习(竞赛)系统 后台:
The best choice to master the knowledge of garbage classification and cultivate the habits of garbage classification掌握垃圾分类知识,培养垃圾分类习惯的不二之选

Developed based on Core, it can run on Linux or Window operating system across platforms. The software records all the data of participants' practice or competition in the system. Using this system for practice is the best way for all organization to implement and implement the garbage classification policy, It's the one of the best solutions. We can also carry out in-depth customization according to the needs of the organization to help promote the universal implementation of the garbage classification system.

基于 Core开发,可以跨平台运行在Linux或Window操作系统之上,软件记录了参与者进系统练习或比赛的所有数据,使用该系统进行练习是各单位实施和推行垃圾分类政策的最佳方案之一。我们还可以根据单位需要进行深度定制,助力推行垃圾分类制度的普遍实施。

DevOps SkillDevOps 技能
  • Asp.Net Core 3.0, C#, EF Core
  • Javascript, Jquery
  • Unbuntu Linux, systemd, Nginx

Log Everything(记录一切(易易部落)
Log everything at any time and anywhere using a mobile phone or computer这是一个用手机或电脑随时随地记录一切的应用

Based on the development of the most popular note tool, Evernote, it is possible to make full use of the convenience of Evernote multi-terminals, and it can also be used normally in China without the need for scientific Internet access. The contents of classified records on Evernote can be synchronized to the Internet in real time as needed, and demonstrates the powerful functions of the application. We can customize it as needed.


DevOps SkillDevOps 技能
  • Asp.Net Core 2.0 MVC, C#, Image processing
  • Evernote API Develop,En-note DTD
  • Unbuntu Linux, systemd, Nginx, Image Module

Eva Eureka小优
A bot that can help you一个能帮你做事的机器人

The Bot developed based on Microsoft's Bot framework, can access by QQ through DirectLine, Cool Q, and Flexlive Plugin, you can add her QQ to chat with her. Of course, you can chat with her via Skype, Telegram, and other channels by Microsoft. She owns all Turing Bot skill, her know heritage of her family (developed based on Nodejs and Express), and can report local weather for you by custom, help you manage whaterver you concern. Eva is based on Core and runs cross-platform under Ubuntu Linux.

基于微软Bot框架开发的机器人,已经通过DirectLine和酷Q以及Flexlive接入QQ,所以可以加她QQ跟她聊天,当然也可以通过Skype,Telegram等固有频道可她聊天,她除了拥有图灵机器的全部技能外,还可以定制各种各样的功能,例如分清自家的亲戚关系(基于Nodejs和Express开发),报告当地气象(来自当地气象局),以及帮您管理您所关心的东西,例如帮我Eureka管理数字货币资产。小优基于 Core开发,并跨平台运行在Ubuntu Linux之下。

DevOps SkillDevOps 技能
  • Asp.Net Core 2.0 MVC, C#
  • Microsoft Bot Framework, Luis, DirectLine
  • Smart QQ, CoolQ, Flexlive, C# Plugin
  • Nodejs, NPM, Express, PM2
  • Bootstrap 4, Html5, Css3, Jquery
  • Unbuntu Linux, systemmd, Nginx

Doku Wiki企业(个人)知识库
Build a knowledge base that belongs to the company (individual)构建一个属于企业(个人)自己的知识库

Based on the Doku Wiki, it is easy to use, does not require a database, can run under any operating system, or it can be placed directly on the Internet, and can even be carried on a USB flash drive. This is the first choice for building a personal or corporate knowledge base, giving you absolute control over knowledge.

基于Doku Wiki,使用简单,无需数据库,可以运行在任何操作系统之下,也可以直接放在互联网上,甚至可以使用U盘随身携带。这是构建个人或企业知识库的首选,让您拥有对知识的绝对控制权。

DevOps SkillDevOps 技能
  • PHP, DokuWiki
  • Apache or Nginx
  • Linux, Windows

Eureka Time Clock易易时间钟 [Windows StoreWindows 应用商店]
A clock that can bring you luck and health 一个能给您带来幸运和健康的钟

Eureka Time Clock has functions such as timekeeping, stopwatch, analog time clock, and digital time clock. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, supplemented by the Zodiac figures and colors, important time information can be obtained at a glance. This was applied in the WOWZAPP 2012:Worldwide Hackathon, and was recommended by Microsoft for excellent applications. The Windows Phone version was developed later.

该时间钟具有计时、秒表、模拟时间钟、数字时间钟等功能,根据中医子午流注以及相关易学理论辅以生肖图形和缤纷色彩,一瞥就能获取重要时间段信息。该应用于2012年11月参加微软全球编程马拉松比赛,并获得微软优秀应用推荐,同时开发了Windows phone版本的易易时间钟。

Develop Skills开发技能
  • Microsoft Store, Windows Phone Develop
  • WPF, C#,
  • Calendar, Zodiac, Horoscope

Eureka Hold'em Training Game易易德州扑克训练游戏

Get From Windows Store从Windows商店获取
A training game that will improve your Hold'em Poker level 一个能提高您德州扑克水平的训练游戏
Develop Skills开发技能
  • WPF, C#
  • Windows Store, Windows Phone Develop
  • Hold'em Poker, Probability Theory

Eureka URL易易网址
Make complex URLs short, Customizable short URL 将复杂的网址变得简单,可自定义的短网址
Develop Skills开发技能
  • Before: 原先使用 PHP Mysql Apache, Mod_Rewrite
  • Now:后来改用 Core, Sqlite, Nginx, Linux

Eureka Lottery随机抽奖系统
Random Lottery App can also be used as classroom random names 随机抽奖应用,也可以作为课堂随机点名使用
Develop Skills开发技能
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Html5

Colorful I Ching彩色易经
Coloring slides to learn the entire "I ching" 一张彩图了解整本《易经》
Develop Skills开发技能
  • PHP
  • SVG
  • Impress.js

Beilun Weather 北仑气象
Older version: 老版本:
At a glance local weather 一目了然的本地气象
Develop Skills开发技能
  • PHP
  • Html5, Css3, Javascript

Fortune Telling Platform易测平台(算命)
Fortunetelling from traditional Chinese culture 集各种易学预测(算命)算法

You need to understand more Traditional Chinese Culture to understand these applications: 四柱八字大六壬奇门遁甲梅花易数六爻纳甲紫微斗数


Develop Skills开发技能
  • Apache, PHP, Mysql
  • I ching, Horoscope

Commonmark Chinese SiteCommonmark中文网站
Markdown's Standard in Chinese Markdown的标准化网站
Develop Skills开发技能
  • Apache, PHP, Mysql
  • Wordpress, Markdown, Javascript

UNIE and EChain统一价值尺度

UNIE: 易值:
Using the consensus mechanism to establish a unified value scale, its measurement is "UNIE", and through the EOS blockchain, the tokens "CNE" and "USE" are issued. And establish a data circulation record website "EChain" to record the value flow in the ee studio, the work is a conceptual work 利用共识机制建立统一价值尺度其衡量物为“易值”,并通过EOS区块链平台发行针对特定区域的代币(通证)“中易值”和“美易值”。并建立“中易值”和“美易值”数据流转记录网站“易链” 记录易值在易易工作室这边的流动情况。该作品为概念性作品。

Lined Data Application 关联数据应用

LinkedData.Top focus on (Linked Data) and Solid (Social Linked Data)

LinkedData.Top专注于关联数据(Linked Data)和Solid(Social Linked Data)

Rdf Format Conveter RDF 数据格式转换
  • Core, RdfDotNet, Monaco Editor
FOAF Profile Generator FOAF配置文件生成器
  • Javascript

Eureka Mahjong2093麻将技术

Eureka Web Tools And Docs更多工具和文档
工具 文档
进入eeweb.top查看更多的实用网络工具和相关文档 Please visit for more web tools from Eureka Chen

Eureka Hold'em易易扑克
A website focused on Poker Game technology. (no longer exist) 一个专注于扑克技术的网站。(域名已经失效)

Eureka Map易易地图
The most detailed local map.(no longer exist) 利用宁波本地测汇局提供的数据,依托天地图使用Argis打造最为详尽的本地地图。(域名已经失效)
Develop Skills开发技能
  • TypeScript
  • ArcGis
  • Dojo

Eureka Code易易编程
Coding learning for primary and secondary school students. (no longer exist) 中小学编程学习。(域名已经失效)
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